Master Lu Tzu said: That which exists through itself is called Meaning. (Tao).

Meaning has neither name nor force. It is the one essence, the one primordial
spirit. Essence and life cannot be seen. It is contained in the Light of Heaven.
The light of Heaven cannot be seen. It is contained in the two eyes. Today I will
be your guide and will first reveal to you the secret of the Golden Flower of the
Great One, and, starting from that, I will explain the rest in detail.
The Great One is the term given to that which has nothing above it. The secret of
the magic of life consists in using action in order to achieve non-action. One must
not wish to leave out the steps between and penetrate directly. The maxim
handed down to us is to take in hand the work on the essence. In doing this it is
important not to follow the wrong road.
Secret of the Golden Flower
One of my students shared "The Secret of the Golden Flower" with our Qigong
Instructor training group and this week I'd like to share a few of my thoughts
regarding this text.
One of the reasons I am so drawn to the ancient Chinese wisdom is that they do
not inflict any of humanities frailness upon that which they understand to be the
causality of the universe. These ancient teachers understood that there is
something that drives the manifest world yet they were wise enough not to make
up anything about it. They also knew (just as other ancient wisdoms espouse)
that we can only experience this essence as "light".
"The secret of the magic of life consists in using action in order to achieve non-
This phrase is seemingly paradoxical yet is true none the less. One must learn to
walk their individual path in such a fashion that it is seemingly effortless.
Everyone is always manifesting a reality but their reality often times seems like a
constant struggle. This takes the form of stress and is seemingly caused by
finances or relationships or belief systems but it is actually the result of friction
caused by the player who is rubbing against the walls along their path.
Learning to "go with the flow" is a two step process. First one must be able to
distinguish between the language and messages of the Tao vs the ego. Make no
mistake, the ego has many, many tricks with which to use to keep you engaged
but with the practice of diligent clarity one can drop the ego's clever attempts at
bondage and learn to join with what is left. Here's a hint... the Tao never shouts.
"One must not wish to leave out the steps between and penetrate directlyā€¯
We humans were not meant to live solitary lives in caves employing meditation in
order to reach enlightenment. This would be like a fish jumping out of water or a

child never playing. In fact a wise biblical saying relates to this - "you must be as
a child in the kingdom of heaven."
PLAYING in this sandbox we call reality is the method by which we (as drops of
the Ocean of essence) can manifest sentient creativity. Those that have tasted
the light of essence through the journey of meditation alone have always ended
up being unbalanced. Ancient Chinese wisdom has taken that lesson to heart
and has engrained the wisdom of Balance into the heart of the teachings.
So we must re-learn what it feels like to flow and play as we manifest the
creativity of essence. Always remaining clear and watchful for the intrusion of the
ego and having the awareness and skill with which to harness the ego's attempts
to seize control.

"In doing this it is important not to follow the wrong road."
Wise words indeed. This phrase has many possible manifestations as with great
knowledge comes great power and responsibility. History is filled with examples
of those that have learned to employee the power of manifestation with
seemingly disastrous results. Note, that is also extremely easy to get so caught
up in "play" that one forgets to stay diligently aware for the signs that one is in
fact playing the game with wisdom. (Wisdom is the proper and appropriate use of
knowledge for the greatest good)
Yours in the arts,
Sifu Rod