The Only Constant is Change

When starting to develop a true internal practice, whether yoga or qigong or taiji, you will have set along a path of individual growth. That is the REASON why you are doing that particular practice. You are looking for answers even though you probably don’t really know the actual question.

Having said the above, what I desire to touch upon today are some of the sign posts you can expect to pass while on this journey of discovery.

People are creatures of habit, of that there is no doubt, but as someone recently said to me “the amount of free will one has is determined by the plane of consciousness that they are operating on.”

If you are continuously making choices that are allowing you to play on higher and higher planes of consciousness then you can expect to perceive reality from a different perspective, just as you would when climbing a mountain. The man in the jungle sees nothing but obstacles while the man on the mountain summit sees the various paths that the jungle dweller could possibly take in order to get to the village.

Back to the sign posts. While walking the path of the internal arts you’ll start to make different choices regarding, well just about everything. You’ll start to experiment with what you eat and drink. You’ll start to communicate differently and you’ll also start making different choices as to who you spend your time with. Do not just expect these changes, cultivate them. It makes sense that since you have chosen to walk this path that you go for it whole-heartedly and see where it all leads. If you don’t commit, it would be like saying you are on a diet but still eat junk food for dinner.

Be aware of changes in your life, from the blatant change of no longer smoking to the subtle change like being more tolerant of various viewpoints while in conversation or perhaps being more compassionate.

Another interesting change to watch for is the evolution of energetic interchange between yourself and the world. Watch for a shift in how people act around you and what is said. Listen to how you feel. Be aware of your own perceptions, thoughts and questions.

The internal arts are a journey that can only be undertaken while awake.

Are you awake?